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Guardian Technology Group
  • Who we are.

    We take care of the technology, so you can move forward in your business. 

    Guardian Technology is a group of industry veterans from East Texas.  We have been technology executives at many enterprises, and we've been the customers of IT businesses.  In that experience, we recognized that small and mid-sized businesses were being underserved; so we set out to deliver enterprise level tech support and expertise with a security-first approach. 

    We are different than the other guys because we care about your business working, not just when it breaks.  We're focused on proactive maintenance & preventing problems, not just showing up when things are broken.  This allows us to get in front of issues before they are a problem and spend time taking care of the people using the technology.

Our Philosophy

Our founder started Guardian with one thing in mind.  His vision was to establish a managed IT services provider, a Technology Success Partner, that prioritized the client at every stage of the process. Guardian Technology stands as a strategic managed IT services partner that takes immense pride in providing the caliber of client service that persists until the issue is fully resolved. Beyond that, our focus lies in preemptively averting problems before they materialize. Our dedicated team is deeply committed to propelling your business forward and facilitating its expansion. As such, we customize our approach to each client and industry we cater to. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate with your business, contributing valuable resources, implementing our cutting-edge processes, and deploying our advanced technological solutions.
  • Security-first approach
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Industry Expertise
  • Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome.

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